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Choose a Winter Wedding for Cozy Enchantment

A winter wonderland wedding creates its own special magic. Celebrations in warm weather may be more popular, but for many couples, the beauty of cooler – and even frosty — times creates unmatched enchantment. If that’s you, let the Rushmore Estate comfort you and your party aside the roaring fireplaces in our 1911 Spanish Colonial ballroom, and our charming loggia, to keep things cozy on your big day.

Here are some other suggestions on how the Rushmore Estate can make your winter wedding perfect:

  • Host the ceremony and reception in the same full-service venue to cut down on travel in less-than-ideal weather.
  • With winter’s shorter days, familiarize yourself with the Rushmore Estate’s beauty amid waning afternoon light and evening darkness. This will be a helpful guide for the backdrop for your event. But also seek to capitalize on how the Rushmore Estate exudes charm in daylight and is dynamically illuminated during evenings.
  • Choose a color scheme to match the season. Palettes featuring dusty blue, burgundy or sage hues are gorgeous matches for winter’s more muted winter vibe.
  • Hot drinks are a treat in cold weather. Consider serving hot chocolate or cocktails on arrival, maybe even a hot chocolate station.

For these and more fun, festive ideas, talk with the Rushmore Estate team about orchestrating your perfect celebration, in any season. Reach us at 845-500-6570 or [email protected].